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Emerge Life Direction Programme

Course Contents

Your Emerge Programme Contents

Emerge Balloon logo, next to title Getting ready for your Journey.

Getting Ready For Your Journey:

Take a birds eye view of your multi dimensional life and assess how intentional you are. Peel back the layers on the 4 dimensions of purpose, this will open out a whole new world of purpose possibility. Plot where you are and where you want to be, remove the clutter and form the inner habits of exploration. Use the Kairos compass as you prepare for this new season and look towards the horizon of a new adventure. Increase your courage to enquire and create your own success habits. A new season and new adventures require new rhythm's and disciplines which set you up for success. Set yourself expectations for the journey ahead.

Emerge Balloon logo, next to title You can do this!.

 You Can Do This:

The 'nay sayers' will say not to bother; your own inner critic will hold you back, but you know better! Here you will learn how to maintain a powerful mental and emotional state which holds your resolve steady and grows an unshakeable confidence within you, that you do have everything you need to take your life powerfully forward. Learn the secrets of the Trojan Horse, Radar Defence and the Stream of Consciousness among other tools which will set you up for success. Create powerful declarations which are congruent & relevant for you

Emerge Balloon logo, next to title You can do this!.

You Are More Prepared Than You Think:

Your past has led you to this moment. You have 100's of experiences which add value to your life - what you know, what you can do, what you understand that's unique to you, your perspective, your life lessons and life messages, your talents and skills and the relationships you've developed, and even lost - everything - it's all part of the fabric of your balloon. It's better and stronger than you think. In this module, see how your past has prepared you for your future. Discover the 5 phases of a learning journey, map your experiences and see how every experience can leave you with a message to carry. See your life as a Transformational story, nothing is wasted, everything can be recycled, with the right perspective.

Emerge Balloon logo, next to title You can do this!.

Knowing what's important helps you know when you've arrived

In this module you'll learn to recognise what you value as truly important. This knowledge will help you evaluate what you want in life. You'll be helped to recognise your North Star - the guiding principles which motivate you to reach higher and live better. You'll be helped to recognise the gravitational preferences and lifestyle practices which keep you grounded as you put your principles into practice. You'll be helped to recognise the personal needs that must be fulfilled in your life for you to be truly content - they may be different to what you think. As you survey the land of opportunity below you, you'll know what to look for 'outside' because you'll already have looked inside. All this will help you to know when you’ve arrived.

Emerge Balloon logo, next to title You can do this!.

Up Here You Can See For Miles:

Time for sight seeing and a little dreaming. In this module get the lift required to soar at high altitude. Your balloon needs some heat to take you higher, so it's time to get clear on what gets you hot under the collar, what gets you passionate and motivated and why; what you're ambitious for, what you aspire towards and what you dream about. Clarify what the dreams of your heart are-there are more than one. Discover the 3 types of dream that can be fulfilled and the 4 things that dreams of the heart do for you. In this module you will breathe the air of motivation, passion and dream aspiration. In this module you'll learn to see your life and your future from a higher perspective, and see a land of purposeful opportunity before you.

Emerge Balloon logo, next to title You can do this!.

What Type Of Adventurer Are You?

The adventure of life is open to every type of personality. In this module discover the type of adventurer you are! Discover your own unique way of engaging with your life's adventure in a purposeful and meaningful way. Understand your personality style and be equipped to respond to the challenges of the journey. Your personality influences the way you fly your balloon and make decisions in it. Gain a positive personality assessment and be empowered with a strong self concept and confident appreciation of your own personality. This module will help you to navigate the way you relate to your world and see the best ways you are suited to contribute with the traits you possess. Understand your MBTI personality profile and recognise more signposts on the journey, helping you decide where to land your balloon.

Emerge Balloon logo, next to title You can do this!.

Look At The Forecast - It Helps To Guide you

Subtle influences forecast a change in direction, but the forecast comes as a whisper on the wind, its not clear what the message is or where the influence has come from, but on inspection the meaning is clear. There are signs hidden in plain sight, not immediately obvious to the rational mind which offer clarity to your purpose and life direction. In this module widen your perception to recognise less obvious out of the box ways of seeing yourself and the opportunities before you. Explore unique ways you've been influenced by the positive words and observations of others; notice the messages hidden in serendipitous moments; recognise the influence of faith perspectives on your calling and life destiny. Explore how subconscious themes and symbols hidden in dreams of the night may influence you. Add these revelations to the insights you've gained from the programme so far. Together they become a forecast to guide you.

Emerge Balloon logo, next to title You can do this!.

  Touch Down, Now The Real Adventure Begins

You've been in the EMERGE Balloon for several weeks; you've gained knowledge and insight and clear signposts have emerged. Now is the time to land - now the real adventure begins. In this final module, you will set some powerful goals, This is the Emerge journey. The most important question for you now is 'are you willing to get in the balloon?' If the answer's yes, then you've already got one foot in. The next question is 'will you invite us to help you navigate the journey to your purposeful and direction filled life? We will be honoured to journey with you. Please click here to invite us in.