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Emerge Life Direction Programme

Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

How can I be sure of a good result?

We understand your concern. Like you, we've invested many £1000's in our own personal development and we've found that even the best courses with the best content only delver to the degree that we've been willing to do the work. The best development courses have great teaching content, but they also have great coaching questions which lead to the most powerful personal insights.  Transformation happens through the dynamic of great teaching, coaching, personal reflection and positive action. We are confident that if you do the work through this Life Direction Programme - you will get a result.

Can I do the training at my own pace?

YES, within a reasonable timescale. You can complete the videos and assignments on the membership page within 12 months, however you will have to book your MBTI assessment within 3 months of booking onto the programme. Everyone has a preferred pace at which to work, but we think that 3 hours a week over 8 weeks should be sufficient time to complete the programme. Of course, the more time you spend reflecting on and responding to the coaching questions will mean that you have a deeper, more profound result.

What happens after training ends?

Once you've completed the training, you'll be invited to book your 1-to-1 implementation coaching session with one of the course creators. This will help you to set some laser targeted goals for moving forward and enable you to successfully navigate some of the obstacles which lay in your way.

Following your coaching session, you can then jump onto the first of six Mastermind Empowerment Webinars. These will help you to win on the inside. Having decided what you want to do, which career to go for, which new direction to follow, which purposes in life you want to fulfil, which voluntary service you feel called to engage with and what type of life legacy you want to deposit for the next generation, you will need the encouragement and empowerment that comes from winning on the inside. 

Do you offer any guarantees?

YES! If, once you've finished the programme and completed the assignments, you are not satisfied with the understanding you've gained about yourself and your life direction, we will ask for some proof from your competed assignments, and then we will give you a 100% refund. We are confident however that you will be completely pleased with the result you gain from the effort you put into this Life Direction Programme. 

How can I know this isn’t a scam

Please take a look at the testimonials on this website - in particular the reviews of books I have written and comments from teachers and students at schools we have sold previous products to. These should give you confidence that the work we do is for real people.